Loads of needlefelted hedgehogs…

After posting one of my experiments on facebook, I have now loads to make. I really don't want to do them in a production line way. Each one needs to be one of a kind with its own personality. Here lies the problem it would be easier to try to make them in the same way but I'm afraid I would lose some of the character by doing that. It's not about making money, it's about the art of making them.

Some will be similar so perhaps the idea of limited editions may meet the demand.

I've thought about the different poses, then perhaps different fabric. Mmm furry or spiky.


I have got some gel spiked mohair (not the cheapest of fabrics) but I must admit it bugs me a little as you can see the fabric backing that's the nature of the fabric itself.

For good quality faux fur you get a little more fabric for your money, but it is 'faux' and normally I'm not a lover of manmade fabrics.

I do have some really good quality pieces I sources at an exhibition I visited, not huge amounts they were more like sample pieces, although my characters are only a handful so that isn't too much of an issue.


Sleeping baby hedgehog

Here's one in white too, well you do get albino hedgehogs don't you, I decided on a sleeping pose as the pink eyes didn't really look right.

I have an issue with this design, it is too light in weight. So the next one will have to have some extra weight added with steel or glass shot.

Ahh well back to some felting, with a bit of sewing thrown in 🙂 …….



2 responses to “Loads of needlefelted hedgehogs…

  1. Isn’t faux fur amazing! It’s been so fun to follow your hedgehog journey. I really think these guys are darling. I’m in love with the albino one. 🙂

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