Distracted, mm the furry in the corner?

It must be something to do with getting older, I've been trying to work on my commisioned work all day, but my brain keeps getting distracted. It's that little furry sitting in the corner he's not perfect but my mind keeps wandering as to how I can improve on the design.

Every now and again I have eureka moments and have to explore the possibilities…however it's not what I'm supposed to be working on at the moment.

The issue I had with the furry characters was the lack of posing and the shading of the fur, unlike my needlefelting which is so adaptable for these attributes.

However I may have sorted out a couple of the issues, while messing around during a coffee break. acrylic inks seem to allow for just enough coverage dries quickly and can be brushed to keep the faux fur subtle. I managed to blend some white and brown colouring into the face….see that's me getting distracted, well I like cold coffee really.

Little furry bear

Mm little furry climbing up my knee


Im sure I could find a way of wiring for posing too… But I will save that for another day.

Ah well back to felting …Distraction over for a little while 🙂


Feel free to comment :)

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