Come and have look, new window to Tangletopia…

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I did create an online shop but my original concept didn’t go according to plan… Well nothing new there, most of my planning goes off down a winding twisting road rather than a nice straight one. Well I’ve decided to go with the flow, the scenic route might be more interesting.

As I had already purchased a domain, I have decided that rather than leading to an online shop that spent most of its time sold out or waiting stock. I decided It would be more useful to have it lead to an online gallery and contact for special requests (private commisions) and perhaps some how to type pages.

I was using freestore, it’s not that this site had any problems that I noticed it was just that I never really created enough to actually have anything spare (after commisions) to load up for sale. It didn’t have the facility for commission work, so it had become a little redundant, and boring. I decided that I would create another wordpress blog and use it as a photo gallery with information about my work and some other useful pages. Of course my first choice was this wordpress platform, why experiment with something different I have so many other things to do without taking on another learning curve.

Most of my special requests come from social media mainly facebook but also Twitter, Instagram and Flickr with some word of mouth too. As I’ve discovered not all fans have social media accounts to communicate so that’s why I decided to use WordPress in conjunction with my domain for a contact website. It’s work in progress so bear with me, I have lots of ideas it will just take time to plan and make them work, and upload 🙂

It’s not that I need to drum up huge quantities of work, as each one of my critters takes time and my main aim these days is to enjoy what I’m doing.

So why don’t you have a visit to Tangletopia ( and let me know what you think, perhaps give a rating or two on my Tangletopians …



Feel free to comment :)

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