Sometimes there are no words just broken hearts

It started as normal day, not that I had loads planned just the normal daily chores with a bit of crafting thrown in… Then the phone call, I could hear sobbing but no voice, then nothing. The call was made from my daughters phone so I promptly tried to ring back, over and over again. I was beginning to panic but at last someone answered, “can you come and get your daughter she's really upset”…. Eventually I found out where she was and set off to find out what had happened.

My daughter was inconsolable, she had just found out her beloved cat twinkle had been involved in a accident, after which someone had taken the cat to a vets, identified by micro chip they contacted my daughter.

My daughter was so upset, not just because of the cat, but out of concern for her own daughter “oh mum how can I tell her she sobbed” Many out there will understand it's hard to loose a pet, but telling a child, who has made this pet her best friend, the furry friend who gave unconditional love, who you could tell all your woes too and wouldn't judge you, who just listened, head tilted with an occasional 'brrup' and purr… Impossibly heart-rending.

Twinkle hadn't been with us long but had made a huge impression, such a huge personality, inquisitive, intelligent, loyal and loving. She did like to be out and about though, there was nothing she liked better than to go hunting in the field at the back of the house, of course she always brought small furry “pressies” when she came back.

All I could do was support my daughter, while we were at the veterinarian hospital, all I could do was look on as she tried to comfort the now very still body of this beautiful creature. My daughter asked me again “how do I tell her, she'll be in from school in a couple of hours, how do I tell her.”

I couldn't really answer, it was so hard, try as I might I couldn't think of the words, all I could do was to be there, there is no easy way to tell a child their pet is dead, especially when it is their first.

Normally Twinkle would be the first to greet my granddaughter from school, not today. I waited for her mum to break the news…. Then there was that heartbreaking sound of a child crying, then the sight of them both tears streaming down their faces it was almost too much to bear, then the silence… and the image now burned into my memory, a tear stained child at the bottom of the garden looking, searching, hoping that it wasn't true and that precious Twinkle would just come bounding over the fence as normal.. Her mum swept her into her arms to console her.

Looking back it was only a year ago when I posted that we had found this perfect beautiful kitten at the RSPCA, I can't really believe she's gone myself.

This evening my daughter posted on her facebook timeline that twinkle was no longer with us, she also wrote

” the garden is eerily quiet, no child giggling & laughing….no cat noises, not heard next doors dogs for hours, theres hardly even any birds talking. sombre. :/

My heart is breaking, this is one thing I can't fix, I would if I could, Twinkle was one of a kind.

Twinkle may have only been with us for a short time, her memory will be with us forever. Hopefully one day the smiles and giggles will come back as they remember all the good and mischievous little things she used to get up to.

Rest in peace Twinkle (aka Turbo Twinkle)



6 responses to “Sometimes there are no words just broken hearts

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss 😦 I too have lost pets (a decision I had to make for them, for they were in pain) and I can’t imagine what a child might have felt. I hope the passage of time has helped. Twinkle was beautiful!

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