Update healing two broken hearts…..

I posted about my poor granddaughter losing her precious kitten Twinkle and how upset my daughter was, well there has been a slight twist in the story. My daughter was contacted someone who's cat had been killed on a road (hours previous) leaving behind these two tiny souls only 4 weeks old, the owner could not cope with their care and her loss.

Kittens 1 and 2 (they haven't been named yet) now stand a chance, they are with my daughter who “just had to rescue them”. She and my granddaughter are now hand rearing them. Her words were “Twinkle sent them so we don't have time to be sad”


It's very early days, but they have settled the vet says they do stand a chance. My daughter has managed to get them to feed and they have already started to gain weight, it's amazing the noise they make purring while making little sucking noises so we will just have to be patient for a few weeks and wait to see…..

My daughters words “if there was a reason why our precious Twinkle had to grow wings and leave, then these are the reason”

Two tiny brothers, sent for my two girls to help heal their broken hearts….. 😀



Just a little handful 😉


I just love the smile 🙂


4 responses to “Update healing two broken hearts…..

  1. That’s so sad about Twinkle and the momma cat, yet heartwarming to know that the babies are being taken care of. We have lost several dogs over the years to cancer and in one instance to a hit and run. Three times, within a short time of their passing, I got a strong feeling that we should get another dog, and one would miraculously come into our lives. I firmly believe that our heavenly dog spirits lead us to them. One of them was a female Sheltie who was an emotional wreck. A friend called and told us one of their friends had recently adopted her from a shelter and realized she couldn’t give her the time and attention she required. She brought us so much joy when she finally responded to all the love we showered upon her. Another was a year old Schnoodle who was being abused by her owner. Our neighbor rescued her but wasn’t emotionally ready herself to take in another dog after her dog had passed away. Sammie joined our family and keeps us constantly entertained. I hope the new kittens bring joy back to your granddaughter’s and daughter’s lives.

  2. Ah what a lovely storey, and all fingers crossed there is a happy outcome, praying for the little babies xxx

    • Thank you, all fingers are crossed at this end too, my poor daughter is tired but happy small two hourly feeds at the moment, but it will settle down soon now they will take the formula from the vets 🙂

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