Designing new furries …

I’m still trying to work in new designs and practising my skill in making bears etc in faux fur. It can be more than a little frustrating. So I made myself a pattern that’s a laugh, it’s amazing the difference using the same pattern in different fabrics.

So this was some verboa fabric I acquired it looked good on the roll but once you start working in tiny sizes then I comes out just a little strange…. Like cow bear ? Who’s only 6 cms high when standing.

Mm cow bear

The fabric was supposed to be cheetah style faux, the pattern was small, but for this size, not quite small enough 🙂

It’s also amazing the difference in size and shape they come out like even using the same pattern exactly

The face didn’t really look right at all in the longer pile fur, so the addition of a mouth brought it back into proportion, it still looked more like a dog than a bear, so family decision it needed a tail, hence we now also have a dog bear… He’s much taller at 9cm, go figure same pattern different fabric huge difference.

I seem to be brain overloading on information at the moment, so much to learn so little time to learn it in. Enjoying every minute of it though 😉 …


Feel free to comment :)

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