Fuzzy and Furry Tangletopians…. Keeping going..

Decisions decisions, this year I have been amazed and overwhelmed that so many people want me to make special requested needlefelting and fauxfur characters. Amazing because of all the people that want my work… Overwhelming as I stress myself out with deadlines and worrying about whether I've interpreted the customers vision of what they want or their vision of the finished piece. Oh dear what a dilemma!

I started working on these characters to relieve my stress, and now I'm ending up stressing about it. I closed my commision list months ago, but I'm still working from the list, with people requesting more than one character, so many to make and some so completely different to what I have undertaken before.

I'm torn between a rock and a hard place. I really just want to work on some of my own ideas and characters yes selfish I know so I've decided…oh a decision, perhaps, to only take on one or two commisions at a time. Then have a Etsy shop (once I figure out how it works) to have an 'off the shelf' facility with my own little characters for people to purchase if they want. That way I won't have to stress so much on deadlines, including posting as they will be finished, and ready for posting before hand.

To keep my creative imagination going, and exploring faux fur stitching and construction I've been giving myself a couple of hours a week to create some 'minibears'…







Feel free to comment :)

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