Needle felting doll project.

I have attempted to needlefelting dolls quite a few times however I still find I can't translate my ideas into the completed piece. So this month I decided to take up the challenge once again. I've always admired the work on doll artists especially ball jointed dolls. My medium is wool however so I had to come up with my own designs.

Difficulty one, the face, I needed to create a sweet face, previous attempts seemed more scary than sweet. After several attempts, I found I was getting quite good at throwing and hitting the waste bin with the results of my efforts (big smile inserted here).

But at last I may have the proportions right, this character is 6 way thread jointed, head, chest, body, legs and arms as a basic start. I decided to have her eyes closed so I could try to concentrate on the facial proportions I wanted.

The body and jacket are merino wool, the hair, prepared mohair locks.

She's missing something but I haven't quite decided what at the moment 🙂

I will eventually work out what it is …


The next doll project I decided she needed a wire armature, and huge eyes. As well as the thread jointing this would give me more posability. I also decided she would have a taren skirt and blue hair… It's funny how I always start with one idea and it changes as the personality of the character.

Needlefelted doll 1

Doll components

Here is a photo of some of the “components” head legs chest and body …

Then the parts stacked ready for thread jointing.

Needlefelted doll 2

Ready for thread jointing

Even at this stage I was changing my mind about the character, she was more mischievous than sweet ! Indeed a little imp.

It was no good the faux fur microfibre had to be raided to make a onesie… oh and she would need a teddy bear…and some bunny ears…. Mm blue wavy plaits…

I just can't help myself, my brain seems to either have too many tabs open or its switched off these days.

Even writing this my brain is working on something else… Oh for some focus some days… 😀

Anyway here are some pics from the finished piece “Little Imp”




6 responses to “Needle felting doll project.

  1. I am in awe… That doll is spectacular. From her adorable face, her bouncy hair, and the impish expression forms a scene that is beyond perfect. I would definitely say that all your hard work has paid off.

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