The chipmunks have invaded..

Oops long time no post, (slaps own hand…)

After my daughter sent me a link to a video about a chipmunk, with the comment… “Look at the movement, love it” …


First chipmunk

Perhaps not quite so cute, and so difficult to try to make tiny posable fingers…

This also gave me the challenge to work on my reverse felting to give the illusion of fur, although my head still can't get round the issue of layering colour to the right depth to create blended colour changing… I'll work it out eventually.

As always I must keep up with my written experiment notes, even if they are to record the mistakes I make (so not to make the same mistakes again)

Gosh there is so much to learn and so little time to learn it in..

Tiny silk fingers

My tiny fingers are improving, although there is a tiny box full of ones that have gone wrong…

Just sometimes, when I'm working I can feel myself rushing to finish, not a good idea, I have realised now that is when potentially a critter can be ruined, never to be the same again… Here's one of those moments…

Step away from the needle


And you just have to “put the needle down and step away”

Time for a coffee… I'll be back another time xxx


4 responses to “The chipmunks have invaded..

  1. Aw, I still gush at your chipmunk (more so even that with the original) even after I saw it on Instagram – the cuteness never goes away!

    As for the reverse needle technique, I’m also quite baffled by it… Practice makes perfect, they say…

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