Bearly working …

My latest critters in progres,s the alpaca bears, great fun but loads of “stabbing” and sculpting. I've been working on my reverse felting technique, with patience and lots of needle work I've discovered with alpaca I can get quite a good fur effect.

Brown bear in progress 1


Although it does take quite an amount of alpaca to felt down a sufficient depth of fibre, just to reverse it back up.

As I was working on this brown bear I couldn't quite figure out what was missing though.

I spent far too long trying to come up with ideas as to what was missing!

So I decided to work on creating sets of claws… Ever wished you had not though of certain ideas… Well this was one, the time it takes to create and individually set 20 claws so frustrating…

Then it's trying to work out its character, usually the character comes out as I am working, not with this one, something was still missing.

Brown bear 2 with Bob

Maybe he just needed to do an impersonation of Bob the minion, with his teddy bear (ever feel like you are losing the plot.??)

I can't work out if he's happy, angry, or just a little confused?


Best leave him for a little while, perhaps my creative brain will come back online soon.

In the meantime well of course another bear, natural white alpaca this time, and the promise to myself, 'no claws'


Me next

This time I used my own resin eyes, perhaps that was the missing element, there is a bit of a character staring at me from behind my tiny workbench. Not so patiently waiting for me to finish.



White bear butt

It's worth the effort to methodically work the reverse felting of the alpaca, and careful scissor sculpting the reversed fibres to get the fur. I try to reverse out the fibres the way I want the fur to lie.

I just hate the cleanup after working sessions, the alpaca hair gets everywhere …

Happy face

There's rather a cheeky, but happy character, and of course the armature gives a few different poses. I just had to add a tongue, to add to the expression.


Just having a rest



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