Tiny pocket poser, 3D printed BJD

Well here’s how I got on with my tiny kit from ConjuredImagination

It was an amazing feat of artistic and 3D computer skills, (not me but Michelle from Conjured Imagination ) not only to build the character but to then ensure that all of the connecting parts were linked so it could be printed… All I had to do was order and wait for delivery, easy …

After feeling like a kid, and asking myself “is it here yet” repeatedly, it finally arrived. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. the surface had a textured finish, strangely nice feel. Obviously I had to trim remove loose powder (left from the printing process) and sand the parts, they came something like an air fix kit, but I really didn’t want to polish the surface, it would be good to “grab” the pastel colour I was planning to use.

My first “stringing” I just used shirring elastic, just so I could see how it would look. Tiny little guy, the joints fit together well, it just needed a little more sanding…

Once I decided on the colour, I powdered some artist pastel and lightly shaded the parts, I also gave it a light coat of spray Matt clear acrylic sealer.

It wasn’t my plan to go overboard here, although lots of ideas flooded my imagination, I did have to remind myself it was an experiment to see how the joints worked for posing…


Once I had added the colour, he was strung with “hat” elastic, (1mm) it’s amazing how well balanced this model is and a good range of poses it can achieve …

I’ve recently chatted online to Michelle she says she has plans for other designs coming soon, …. Oh dear I can see me ordering a couple more of these…



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