Hello “waves”

I know I’ve neglected my blog and website… it’s been just one of those things, I have written stuff …then deleted it.. lots of thoughts like “well if you’ve got nothing good to say then don’t say anything 😔”

So I gave myself a good talking to (yep I’m crazy like that) and a bit of a pep talk too…

I’ve managed to pluck up enough courage to make my FeltVisual site …Tangletopia live.. the pressure is now on to add more information to the hints and tips projects… like my felted pebble project, targeting more people to enjoy needlefelting and smiling 😁😁

The link to Tangletopia is in the top menu. Or click here FeltVisual

2 responses to “Hello “waves”

  1. Irene! I’m Bertie’s adoptive mother!!! I’ve lots your email address and have another project character i need if you have time?!

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