About Me!

Now retired, media lecturer, looking to record a life change… After spending the past 12 years dedicated to my students, I now look to a total life change. Who knows what awaits… One thing for sure I don’t intend to sit and do nothing.
So many things to do where to start that is the question?
Starting over again, I must admit this is a little scary, I have jumped into the unknown, not knowing if I have what it takes to make any of my ideas viable. All I know at the moment is that I have reinvented myself completely at least 5 times before and managed to make it work. From hairdressing, to computers, then on to art and design, animation and media and the last lecturing. What I need to do now is to analyse what I enjoy and my strengths and start again, adding to the skills base as well ( nothing like a challenge eh!)
So new to blogging my thoughts and ideas, I really needed some place to put my thoughts, I am trying a number of alternatives at the moment, such as apps on the Ipad but I have not decided on a final concept yet…
We are all looking towards doing something different, they say there is a book in everyone. Well I don’t know about a book at the moment but perhaps a blog might be the way.

Where did the last few months go, time is flying by, what I intended and what happened are two different things, what happened I spent some precious time with my family. It turns out that my time with them is far more important than earning money at the moment.
Although I never will regret the time I devoted to working with students “time” being the operative word as I did spend a great deal of the past 12 years with work being the main focus, this had to change.

So the total life change at the moment is to revisit all of my past skills,
Halloween?from making costumes for my granddaughter and getting creative with other crafts, making large gingerbread mansions and houses for party’s and cooking for my family. I seen my granddaughters school Xmas Production, I. was always at work previously and couldn’t get time off to go but I had seen video footage and photos.. I was so proud, she was terrific, no longer hiding and silent but up front and enthusiastically singing, amazing such a change, love it. 
Welcome 2012, I am looking forward to see what you have in store for me, one thing I know each day will be different and will present new challenges. At the beginning of this I knew there would be a change, my life could be mapped out minute by minute in fact it had to be, planning is 99% of the job I had, the total change yes there is an element of planning but this can change by the minute, especially with my family, love it! :))